“Trip Inside” Now On Spotify & iTunes!

A remastered version of my first album, “Trip Inside”, released back in 2016, is now available on Spotify & iTunes!  The original is still available for free on SoundCloud too 😎

Also, check out this live take of the title track from my 2017 album “In My Dreams”: Enjoy! 🎤


Trip Inside Now A Free Download

As we wait for “In My Dreams” to arrive, I’ve put my debut album “Trip Inside” up for free on Bandcamp! 📀 Get it now using the link below. Also, you can now get 10% off when pre-ordering my second album, released on 21/04/17, using the code “dreams10”, when you checkout here.

Trip Inside reviewed by No More Division

Thanks to the team at No More Division for their review of Trip Inside, published this morning!

Ted Rogen scored the album at 3.5 out of 5, commenting that “[Soames] opens with “Sun In Squares” which is a funky rock song. It’s catchy and a good opener. The mood is upbeat and lively. … [In Whispers in Paris] there is a distinct ’80s vibe that is not too far off from Richard Marx.

Speaking of other decades Soames pulls off an old classic guitar solo on “Trip Inside” as well as the famous talking guitar effect made popular by Peter Frampton. “Fly” is a highlight amongst the batch. The song is hopeful, optimistic and certainly does have a feeling of flying.”

“Trip Inside isn’t exactly an album that will have an easy time finding its way into the underground but it will be appreciated by an audience who has a penchant for pop music.”

Check out the full review at http://www.nomoredivision.com/indie-music-album-reviews/chris-soames-trip-inside.NMD